Our graphics take to the sky!

An emerging industry is coming as people are realizing the commercial application of unmanned arial vehicles (UAV) or drones. We also like to think of our industry as being on the cutting edge of technology with extensive engineering going into our various wrap films. We had the opportunity to help brand one of these such vehicles. A bright green was selected to match the existing company colors and also help with visibility as the drone flies high. A few white text accents helped tie everything together to make a great showpiece for this customer.


Green Flights Drone Videography

Our Task


Our mission on this project was to completely tailor the wrap to the client’s brand image. We used a matte green wrap film from Oracal and cut contoured carbon fiber logos were applied second surface.

Skills Involved


  • Surface preparation
  • Micro wrap installation and cut work
  • Color matching
  • Attention to detail